Pre-list Inspections

Pre-List Inspections

Pre List inspections are fast-paced, verbal-only walkthrough of the owner’s home. The property owner takes detailed notes as we visit all of the components and systems in the home. I explain in detail what a buyer will be looking for, and what the buyer’s home inspector will likely include in their inspection report. This service allows the owner to make decisions on whether to repair, replace or upgrade the various items identified, without the deadline for a closing date.

The Pre-Listing Consultation is the client’s opportunity to ask the important questions involving their home. What needs to be repaired and why? How long with the components (roof, siding, windows, dishwasher, stove, etc.) last? Should I lease my home or sell it out-right? How much does it cost to get things repaired? What should I plan on replacing or repairing? These types of questions and the answers will help the client understand their home, in its current condition, as a system. They can then decide what the next steps should be.