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Evolve Property Inspections is the most referred and trusted home inspection company in Miami-Dade County providing the highest-quality and thorough inspections in South Florida. Our experience, knowledge, integrity, and expertise is the key that allows us to provide you with a true and unbiased inspection.

Evolve Property Inspections is family owned and locally operated out of Miami-Dade County. Our home inspections are here to make all of your home and real estate transaction easy and worry-free as possible, offering “Peace Of Mind” by Inspecting your American Dream. Our Certified Master Inspector will provide you with a detailed and thorough inspection report of the physical structure and systems of the property, from foundation to roof-top.
A home inspection from Evolve Property Inspections offers comprehensive services at competitive rates. We put our clients’ needs first, and we’ll get the home inspection results back to you as quickly as possible. Above all, we understand our services are of importance when completing a real estate transaction and feeling safe in your future home. 
Review our Licenses, qualifications, and certifications,  “Without a doubt” the best choice for all of your home inspection needs.
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Our Services

Residential Inspection

Single-Family, Town House, Condominium, Duplex, Multi-Family and small apartment buildings, can be good investments, but these buildings have additional inspection needs from single-family dwellings.

Commercial Inspections

Our Inspectors will review the condition of the building’s structure and systems. The inspection will evaluate all the major components of the building. A Commercial Inspection will provide you with

Insurance Inspections

Insurance companies have become increasingly reluctant to issue Homeowner Insurance Policies on older homes (usually 25 years old or more). Their common concern is that there may be conditions in an older home that could become a liability to them.

Environmental & Others

Our impeccable, reliable property inspection services start with one of these: Infrared Thermal Imaging; Sea Wall Inspection;  Property Land Survey;  Septic Tank Inspection.

We Value Our Customers Feedback

Feedback helps us maintain the highest standard of service to ensures that our inspection company matches your needs.

  • Carmen Pelaez

    Both Humberto and Sandra were wonderful. I'm a first time home buyer and they answered all of my tons of questions and went out of their way to be helpful. I found Humberto's work to be extremely thorough and his follow up generous. I cant recommend them enough!

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  • Jorge Coello

    I've been a Realtor for most of my professional life. I have used many inspection companies. None of those companies comes close to the level of service, professionalism and technology that they have. It is all automated and you get your own profile where you can mange your inspection report, invoices and re-inspections. Humberto is the best that I have seen. He has done inspections for all my clients and he has done inspections for my personal purchase. Evolve is directly responsible for helping me close on a short sale. The lender thought the value was one thing, but after Humberto's through inspection, they quickly realized the they over valued it. His reports are so detailed that it showed all that was wrong with the property helping me secure a lower sales price. Do yourself a favor and use Evolve for all your home inspection needs. The home buying process is stressful as is. Why complicate things more with companies that take to long and their reports don't come close to the level of work put forth by Evolve. Im sure you want lower insurance... Evolve Property Inspections helps with that as well. Just send your report to you insurance agent and he will get you a bunch of discounts based on the inspection report. You wont be disappointed.

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  • Luis Pita

    I am absolutely happy with the inspection services that was done by Humberto Suarez on the new home I'm in the process of buying. Very knowledgeable inspector with a positive and humble attitude. As a military guy, my attention to detail is second to none. However Mr. Suarez surprised me with how in depth and detailed his inspections are. He takes pictures and notes of EVERYTHING and has state of the art technology at his disposal. Everything from FLIR thermal imaging to flying a drone overhead for a detailed analysis of the roof and surrounding area. The whole process was quick and painless. I highly recommend to anyone!!

    Read more
  • Rhaegal C.

    Humberto and Sandra are the most professional, reliable and friendly inspection company I've dealt with. I hired another company for a property I... Read more

  • Cristina B.

    Humberto gave a VERY thorough inspection. He was meticulous about the details he sent us. He answered all questions we had, gave estimates for how much it... Read more

  • Jason S.

    Humberto, and his wife (whose name I cannot recall at this time. Sorry!), we're extremely polite and helpful. Humberto was available on short-notice. He... Read more

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